The FRU WR10QC Portable Colorimeter is a professional colorimeter designed and produced subject to the national relevant standards of International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and national standards.

FRU WR10QC Portable Colorimeter

  • Repeated Accuracy: ΔE<0.03

    Measurement Caliber: Ø4mm

    Applicable Area: Small, Arc, Flat Surface

    Location Method: Positioning block + cross positioning

    Colour Space: CIEL*a*b*

    Colour Difference Formula: ΔE*ab

    Illumination Condition: CIE: 8/d

    Light Source: D65

    Sensor: Photodiode

    Observer: CIE 10° Standard observer 

    Measurement Range: L: 0-100

    Table Difference: ΔE<0.2

    Measurement Interval 1.0 Sec

    Storage:  Type: 100    Sample: 20000

    Lifetime of bulb: 5 years more than 1.6 million measurements

    Screen: TFT true colour 2.8inch@(16:9)

    Language: English/Chinese

    Working Temperature: 0°C - 40°C (32°F -104°F)

    Storage Temperature: -20°C - 50°C (-4°F - 122°F)

    Humidity: Relative humidity less than 85% without condensation

    N.W/G.W: 330g/1kg

    Size: 172 x 80 x 60mm

    Packing Size: 199 x 68 x 90mm

    Charging time: 8hrs

    Battery: Li-ion battery, 5000 times measurement 

    Standard Accessories: AC adapter/ 3000mAH Li-ion battery/User Manual

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