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About our laboratory

AMECaL’s state of the art calibration services are carried out in either our environmentally controlled multi-laboratory facility in Newcastle - or in an onsite visit to our client’s site where this is necessary or more practical.

About Us

AMECaL is a Precision Calibration Laboratory and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. The company advises on the best specialist equipment for a given application and supplies a professional range of electrical and environmental testing and measurement equipment and accessories, as well as more specialised optical Reference Standards.


Calibration of instrumentation, which ensures measuring equipment is accurate, often involves extremely precise and complex measurements and occasionally unique equipment. While straightforward calibrations can sometimes be carried out with basic facilities, the very best calibration companies have state-of-the-art laboratories which can cater for a range of equipment, disciplines and levels of precision. AMECaL has a fantastic multi-laboratory facility in Newcastle, which affords it the space to fully utilise all of the specialised equipment and technical expertise in the company.


AMECaL has particular expertise in the electrical sector (from 18th Edition of the IET wiring regulations test equipment up to high voltage power industry units) and in the specialised field of gloss and colour measurements. Technicians at the company are skilled in a much broader spectrum of work covering a number of industries and equipment applications. Our calibration and repair services have been utilised by companies from a comprehensive range of industry sectors - automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, renewable energy to name just a few.


For clients with specialized needs, we provide a more comprehensive management package – becoming much more involved with your business and how you manage the supply, maintenance and distribution of your equipment. It’s about making things quicker, easier and more straightforward for you – constantly looking to see where we can help, advise or provide assistance and make your life easier.


Expertise is constantly refreshed and updated with ongoing training in new technologies and calibration techniques, bringing our clients an exceptionally high level of up-to-date technical ability. We constantly strive to maintain a calibration service of the highest standards of quality, accuracy and precision to meet even our customer’s most stringent requirements.


The company is dedicated to maintaining and improving a calibration service of the highest standards of quality, accuracy and precision – and is also constantly looking to decrease the turnaround time for its calibration service, where this does not impair the quality of the measurements.

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Pride of the Tyne Award
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