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ISO 17025 Pressure Calibration Services

Our laboratory, AMECaL is specialised in Pressure Calibration services. We offer our customer wide range of calibration services, both standard and accredited. Please, do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your matter.

Pressure Calibration

AMECal provides high quality Pressure Gauge Calibration Services in Newcastle upon Tyne. Pressure Gauges are sometimes known as Pressure Meters, Manometers, or more recently Digital Manometers. Like Multimeters and Thermometers these items are also present in a wide range of applications and industries. Visit our Calibration Services page to see all of the services we offer.


Pressure and Vacuum Measurement is recognised as one of the most sophisticated in the field of metrology, so it is important that highly accurate equipment traceable to National Standards is used to when checking and verifying Pressure Meters. This is where AMECaL’s lab and Pressure Calibration Service comes to the fore, with highly accurate standards allowing calibration of pressure gauges, transducers and calibrators from 0.1 Pascal up to 700 Bar


There are many different types of pressure instrumentation and the nature of its use in industry means it is not always feasible to send the devices away to be calibrated. AMECaL can calibrate pressure gauges both at its state of the art Newcastle upon Tyne based facility and on a customers premise where necessary.


We have the capability in house to calibrate anything from run of the mill pressure gauges up to the more specialised low pressure gauges used in the medical sector. High pressure gauges used in Oil and Gas and manufacturing are also seen on a regular basis at our facility. The following list indicates just some of the brands of pressure gauges, manometers, digital manometers and pressure meters we have seen in our laboratory:


  • Badotherm

  • Baumer

  • Biotek

  • Comtec

  • CPS

  • Dale

  • Datex

Our company understands that every situation is different and that is why we are always open for custom quotes.

The following are some of the services we offer:


ISO 17025 Barometer Calibration

ISO 17025 Manometer​ Calibration

ISO 17025 Micro-manometers Calibration

ISO 17025 Pressure Calibrators Calibration

ISO 17025 Pressure Gauge Calibration

ISO 17025 Pressure Indicators Calibration

ISO 17025 Pressure Transducers Calibration

ISO 17025 Pressure Transmitters Calibration

Please, feel free to Contact Us either by phone or email for any further information or enquiries. 

  • Digitron

  • Druck

  • Dwyer

  • ERBE

  • Fluke

  • Furness Controls​

  • GNW Instrumentation

  • Medix

  • Metron

  • Platon

  • RS Components

  • Siemens

  • Welch Allyn

Pressure calibration service in ation
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