Advicing Services

If you would like our company to advice you in the field of calibration services and best testing equipment do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our skilled engineers are waiting to resolve your problem.

Equipment and Advice

Specialist Knowledge & Experience Saving You Time & Money


We don’t believe in supplying a random mixture of products from different manufacturers, or in providing you with an overwhelming selection of options for essentially the same product or application. We’ve used our expertise and technical knowledge to provide you with a concise and consistent range of products.

All of our products are noticeably part of the same product ‘family’ and the products have been designed to form a consistent and comprehensive range of instrumentation for a range of applications.

We now have one catalogue for 2017-18, which includes all of the prices for our Electrical and Environmental Test Equipment and Accessories - we will be happy to post you a copy of the catalogue if you would like one - please email us at

Or you can now Buy Online from our secure online store.


Electrical  & Environmental

Test Equipment Catalogue


  • Click the image to the right to download the catalogue, or click this link to view it our interactive version.

  • All prices are 'recommended' prices, exclusive of VAT, in GB Pounds Sterling

  • Please contact your nearest / preferred wholesaler for best pricing and availability

  • Or you can now Buy Online from our secure online store:​


Features Of All Our High Quality Meters:

  • Consistent styling across the range

  • Ergonomic and attractive designs

  • Solid and robust housing, look and feel

  • Crystal-clear, easy to read LCD Backlit displays

  • 3-year warranty: manufactured to the highest quality standard

  • Carry case/box and batteries included

  • CE (meets all appropriate provisions of relevant UK legislation)

Servicing & Support

AMECaL is focussed on quality and professionalism in everything we do. We provide the highest standard of calibration and are specialists in several sectors, but we are skilled in a much broader spectrum of work.

We provide one of the broadest ranges of calibration and repair services in the UK – supporting a vast array of testing and measuring equipment employed in a multitude of industry sectors - automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electrical and renewable energy to name just a few.

You can be sure of a quality service, whatever your business and whatever your instrumentation needs and usage.


Technical Helpline: 0191 262 2266
Our technical team is ideally placed to assist you with all of your technical queries. Whether that’s information on how to use a meter, fixing faults or advice on the best instrument for a particular application, our staff have many years and a broad range of technical expertise in all aspects of calibration, repair and instrumentation.

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