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ISO 17025 Optical Calibration Services

Our laboratory is specialised in Optical Calibration. We are the only company in the UK that is accredited with ISO 17025 for Gloss Calibration Services. Feel free to check what we have to offer.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Optical Calibration

AMECaL is one of the world’s foremost laboratories in the specialised field of optical measurement.


AMECaL has spent many years researching and developing a method of calibration relating to optical gloss measurement. This now allows both instruments and reference standards to be calibrated against measurement standards traceable to international/national measurement standards.


AMECaL also manufacture Reference Standards, to client's high specifications, distributing them to an international client base.


The innovation of new calibration methods in this highly specialised field is not the only cutting edge development to the company’s name; AMECaL also excels in complex - and related - areas such as the conductivity of metal structure and paint- and flow-related instruments. Our expertise extends to developing new equipment as well; currently in development is our Goniophotometer – which will have some of the best accuracies in the world – some 20 times more accurate than the best available today.


Ongoing technical developments in unique and very specialist areas like these, alongside an ability to deal with an ever-increasing portfolio of products, have put the company at the forefront of calibration know-how. 


Visit our Calibration Services page to see all of the services we offer.

Our company understands that every situation is different and that is why we are always open for custom quotes.

ISO 17025 Gloss Materials Calibration

ISO 17025 Gloss Meter Calibration

ISO 17025 Luminous Flux Calibration

ISO 17025 Luminous Intensity Calibration

ISO 17025 Reflectance Calibration

ISO 17025 Refractive Index Calibration

ISO 17025 Refractometry Calibration

ISO 17025 Spectrophotometer Calibration

ISO 17025 Sucrose Solutions Calibration

ISO 17025 Tristimulus Values Calibration

ISO 17025 Ultraviolet Response Calibration

ISO  9001  Photometer Calibration

Please, feel free to Contact Us either by phone or email for any further information or enquiries.

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