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High Voltage Test Equipment for Hire

We understand our clients needs and have decided to open our test equipment hiring services. We offer wide range of electrical, environmental and industrial equipment. Please contact us for more details.

The High Voltage Test Equipment we have available for hire is the following:

b2 High-Voltage HVA60 Portable & Universal VLF High Voltage Test Set

The high power HVA60 Test System is capable of testing cables up to 3,300 m (1 μF at 0.1 Hz and 44 kV rms). The variable output frequency allows the testing of even much longer cables. At 10 μF – 0.01 Hz and 44 kV rms a length of approx 33,000 m can be tested (see technical data).

To view Datasheet, click here.

Weekly Hire Starting from £520/week

For any further information or enquiries for our hiring services feel free to Contact Us via phone or email.

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