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ISO 17025 Dimensional Calibration Services

Our well trained technicians are specialised in Dimensional Calibration. We provide our services to the best possible standard. Please feel free to check what we have to offer.

Dimensional Calibration

AMECaL offers a wide ranging Dimensional calibration service. Instruments such as Vernier Calipers  are extremely accurate as they include essentially two measuring scales, the standard caliper with vernier scale attached. Accuracy and calibration on these instruments can be down as a low as a tenth of a millimetre, some we have seen even go as low as a hundredth. The high level of accuracy and general use of these instruments means periodic calibration is an absolute necessity.


Vernier Calipers are used in a variety of industries from healthcare to manufacturing, with the main function being the measurement of an object’s inside and outside diameter. Regular calibration of these devices in accordance with National Standards ensures accurate readings for the user, this is extremely important in manufacturing or product design companies where inaccuracies in measurement can lead to costly redesign or recall of products further down the line.


Historically AMECaL does not see dimensional measurements drift as much over time as something like torque, so recommends Vernier Caliper Calibration at least once every 12 months. The use and treatment of the instrument significantly impacts on its accuracy, so extensively used items may need more regular calibration. It is often worthwhile looking at calibration results over time to see the amount of drift in the measurement when compared to the standard; this can help to set the frequency of calibration for Vernier Calipers and all other instruments. We are happy to provide guidance in this regard with over 30 years experience behind us. 


Visit our Calibration Services page to see all of the services we offer.


The following brands of instrument have been calibrated/serviced in the AMECaL lab:


  • Bosch

  • Clarke

  • Draper

  • Facom

  • Fluke

  • Fowler Precision

Our company understands that every situation is different and that is why we are always open for custom quotes.

ISO 17025 Depth Micrometers Calibration
ISO 17025 Dial Test Indicators Calibration
ISO 17025 External Micrometers Calibration
ISO 17025 Feeler Gauges Calibration
ISO 17025 Height Gauges Calibration

ISO 17025 Internal Micrometer Calibration
ISO 17025 Length Rods Calibration
ISO 17025 Micrometer Heads Calibration
ISO 17025 Vernier Caliper Calibration

ISO 17025 Laser Distance Meter Calibration

Please, feel free to Contact Us either by phone or email for any further information or enquiries.

  • Mitutoyo

  • Moore & Wright

  • Oxford Precision

  • RS PRO

  • Stanley

  • Starrett

Dimensional Calibration Service in action
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