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ISO 17025 Vernier Caliper Calibration

Our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 laboratory is specialised in calibration of Vernier Calipers. Contact us Today to find out more about our services.

Vernier Caliper Calibration

AMECaL is a precision calibration laboratory that is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We are specialised in working with electrical and environmental equipment, including Vernier Caliper repair and calibration services. Our team of qualified technicians have over 15 years of experience in working with different makes and models of Vernier Calipers available on the market.

One of the best instruments for measuring inner and outer dimensions of an object is called a Vernier Caliper. It is a very useful tool that has L-shaped frame with a scale on the inner side and L-shape sliding attachment with a vernier. The tool measure an object dimension by measuring distance between two of its shorter arm edges (inner/outer). Vernier Caliper is named after its inventor Pierre Vernier in 1631 and it is extremely accurate piece of measuring instrument.

When using any measuring equipment one of the most important thing to remember is its accuracy. These kind of instruments can lose their accuracy and precision over time. Due to atmospheric conditions or incorrect human handling any equipment can decrease its performance and accuracy. To stay on the safe side it is recommended to perform professional calibration services every 6 – 12 months. AMECaL has internationally recognised accreditation that proves quality of its services.

AMECaL is one of the best choices in terms of calibration services. We understand that every customer require individual solution to their problem and that is why we offer two types of services. Our laboratory can calibrate a Vernier Caliper in accordance to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 international standard (ISO 17025 Vernier Caliper calibration) or the British National Standard (traceable Vernier Caliper calibration). AMECaL is open for custom enquiries.


AMECaL is also a brand of its own electrical and environmental test equipment that is used by experts all around the globe. We take an active role in research and development process of new measuring tools.

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