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Test Equipment for Hire

We understand our clients needs and have decided to open our test equipment hiring services. We offer wide range of electrical, environmental and industrial equipment. Please contact us for more details.

Equipment Hire

If you have a short-term requirement, it's often not economically sensible to buy - especially if it's a high value item. Perhaps you're carrying out a test you don't normally do, or needing an additional unit because yours is being used elsewhere (or is currently being repaired). Whatever the reason, we have a range of equipment available for you to take advantage of for however long you require.

AMECaL’s range spans from specialist high voltage equipment to more standard handheld electrical testing equipment. We can also provide other specialist environmental equipment.


As a test equipment specialist, we make sure all of the equipment is in excellent condition, comes with all the necessary accessories and is fully functional. For added peace-of-mind our technical team are always available if users need any assistance over the telephone when using the equipment

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