Mass Calibration Services

AMECaL is specialised in mass calibration services. Our laboratory is ready to handle even the most difficult problems of our customers. Please feel free to check what we have to offer.

Scale Calibration in accordance with BS EN45501: 2015

AMECaL provides a Scale and Balance Calibration Service at its premises in Newcastle upon Tyne, but can also visit site where necessary at the request of customers. We have capability to test equipment from 1mg up to 800kg. 


Scales and Balances are some of the most widely used pieces of equipment in industry and every day life. Think of airlines weighing baggage before it is put on the aircraft, bakers weighing ingredients before it goes in a product or the average person weighing themselves as part of a fitness program and you really can’t ignore the need for Scale Calibration and accurate readings from these important pieces of equipment.


There are many different types of scales and balances all with different capabilities, we are able to accurately test and calibrate the following types of scale:


  • Analytical Balances

  • Bench Scales

  • Component Scales

  • Counting Scales

  • Crane Scales

  • Floor Scales

  • Food Scales

  • Laboratory Balances

  • Patient Scales

  • Pocket Balances


The varied use of scales in industry means it is difficult to advise how often to calibrate scales or balances. Scale accuracy can waver over time depending on the environment it is used in and also the level of use and treatment they receive from operators. Most customers use our service every 12 months, although industries where scales are used for commercial and costing decisions may need calibrated monthly. The equipment manufacturer or relevant industry trade association body can help with these sorts of decisions.


We have seen, but are not limited to the following brands of scales and balances:


Acculab, AND, Cass, Chatillon, Dillon, Mettler Toledo, MyWeigh, Ohaus, Salter, Sartorious, Seca

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Met-Cal House

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