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ISO 17025 Laser Distance Meter Calibration

Our laboratory is specialised in Laser Distance Meter calibration. Feel free to contact us today to find out more about the services we offer.

Laser Distance Meter Calibration

AMECaL is a Precision Calibration Laboratory with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation. We have over 15 years of experience in working with Laser Distance Meters. During all those years we managed to built positive relationship with customers all around the world. AMECaL is also a brand of electrical and environmental equipment for professionals.

A Laser Distance Meter is a testing equipment used to accurately measure distance, it does this by sending out a finely focused pulse of light to the target and then detects the reflection. The meter then does a calculation using the time between those two events and the known speed of light (300,000 km/s) to then find the distance, this method of measurement proves to be accurate to with a few millimetres (usually ± 1-3mm).

There are number of different factors to consider before trying to calibrate your own Laser Distance Meter. That is why it is strongly recommended to use professionals at AMECaL who can perform this task for you. It is worth remembering that any adjustments done by yourself, if you are not qualified in field of calibration, will change settings that were set by the manufacturer of your device. This situation can cause errors in measurements done by your testing equipment. To be absolutely sure that the device you are using gives you accurate data it is good to calibrate it every 6-12 months.


We offer two types of calibration services to our clients. Laser Distance Meters can be calibrated in accordance to the ISO 17025 international standard (ISO 17025 Laser Distance Meter calibration) or the British National Standard (traceable Laser Distance Meter calibration).


AMECaL takes an active part in development process of new high accuracy measurement instruments. Our state of the art laboratory is equipped with one of the best calibrators and team of experts who are ready to meet requirements of the most demanding customers.

Our team of experts understand that every customer has custom requirements and that is why we are always open for custom quotes.

Please, feel free to Contact Us directly either by phone or email for any further information or enquiries.

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