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ISO 17025 Gloss Tile Calibration Services

AMECaL is the only laboratory in United Kingdom accredited with ISO 17025 for Gloss Tile calibration. We are experts in this field of calibration. Please, do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your Gloss Tile calibration.

Gloss Tile Calibration in accordance with BS EN ISO 2813:2014

Quality check is one of the most important steps during every manufacturing process. Automotive and coating industry highly rely on gloss. Gloss is measured with use of GU units (Gloss Units) by an instrument called Glossmeter (Gloss Meter).

Measuring gloss in very important because it can detect problems (ex. with applied coating) on time. That is why keeping good industry standards is so important. Imagine that you are responsible for manufacturing of expensive cars but something went wrong during painting process. Every element would have to be cleaned and repainted again. This would take a lot of time and money. Nobody would want that situation to occur.


Another example is the cosmetics industry that mostly rely on gloss (visible aspect of a product /how shiny it is/how nice it looks like to human eye). A less attractive product would decrease sales. But this situation could be much worse. Chippings caused by wrong paint mixture would mean that a product cannot be sell at all. To achieve accurate results in terms of gloss measurement it is essential to use an appropriate Gloss Meter (Glossmeter) and reference standard (Gloss Tile). Both of them need to be calibrated over time.


Gloss Tiles (Gloss Standard) are usually made of highly polished glass painted in black. There are companies specialised in production and calibration of these standards, one of them is AMECaL. We have years of experience and are the only laboratory accredited to do Gloss Tile calibration in United Kingdom.


Our team of experts understand that every customer has custom requirements and that is why we are always open for custom quotes.

Please, feel free to Contact Us directly either by phone or email for any further information or enquiries.


Some of our own branded gloss tiles

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