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ISO 17025 Multimeter Calibration Services

Most of our technicians have strong background in the field of digital multimeter calibration. We are specialised in electrical calibration. Please feel free to check what we have to offer.


Multimeter Calibration

AMECaL provide Multimeter Calibration Services at its ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory in Newcastle upon Tyne. Visit our Calibration Services page to see all of the services we offer.


AMECaL recognises the need for our customers to have a fast, efficient and cost effective service when it comes to Multimeter Calibration. There are many different types of Multimeter ranging from the simple hand held type that Gas Engineers use for Voltage Detection to the more accurate Bench Top Multimeters providing 8.5 digit measurement displays, used in technical laboratories.


A Multimeter is basically one instrument combining a number of measurements, which makes it a popular choice across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. In order to accurately calibrate Multimeters there are generally three types of measurement that need to be checked: Voltage, Current and Resistance, however more complex Multimeters can include facilities for Capacitance, Humidity, Sound Level, Frequency and Temperature. The Multimeter Calibration Service provided by AMECaL allows us to calibrate all variations of Multimeter, no matter the brand or type of measurements the product carries out.

A Multimeter is a standard piece of equipment for most field service staff in the construction, utilities and manufacturing industry so is therefore reasonably well travelled and used in harsh environments. This highlights the need for field service engineers to calibrate Multimeters and ensure their extensive usage has not caused readings to drift or become out of specification between periodic calibration checks.


All brands and models of Multimeter are catered for and prices start at as little as £30+ VAT. The list below indicates some of the brands of Multimeter we have calibrated over the years: 


  • ACT

  • Agilent

  • AMECaL

  • Amprobe

  • Avo

  • ATP

  • Beckman

  • Caltek

  • Draper

  • Ethos

  • Fluke

  • GMC

  • Hewlett Packard

  • Iso-Tech

  • Keithley

  • Kewtech

  • Kane May

  • Martindale

  • Megger 

  • Metrotest

  • Philips

  • Tektronix

  • Tenma

  • Velleman

  • Wavetech

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