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PAT Tester Calibration Services

At AMECaL our engineers are well trained to calibrate your PAT Tester. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


PAT Tester Calibration 

AMECaL, as an official Service Centre for Megger instruments, has many years experience in providing calibration and repair services for PAT Testing equipment. PAT Tester calibration is very important with most manufacturers recommending equipment is checked periodically every 12 months. Accurate PAT Testing equipment ensures that PAT testing companies are correctly passing or failing portable appliances.


We get asked every so often why there is a need to calibrate PAT testers. Most testers come with a verification procedure or check box device to ensure the tester is operating within specified parameters, but it generally only checks one or two readings.  This is not a full calibration traceable to National Standards and should only be used between the periodic calibrations as a quick check.  Visit our Calibration Services page to see all of the services we offer.


AMECaL generally advises that you calibrate PAT testers every 12 months and you can then be confident in the results the instrument gives you. Should you opt to ignore calibration periods you and your customers can no longer be 100% confident the portable appliances being used are electrically safe.


The PAT Tester Calibration Service offered by AMECaL offers a 3-5 day turnaround at competitive prices. Ensuring customers have minimal downtime and low expense. As part of the service customers will receive a certificate traceable to the relevant National Standard, which is now asked for by most customers of PAT Testing companies as it forms a large part of their ISO 9001 accreditation.


We are not limited to Megger Instruments when it comes to PAT Tester calibration and can calibrate all other brands. Some of these brands are listed below:


  • ATP

  • Avo

  • Beha

  • Di-Log

  • Ethos

  • First Stop Safety

  • Fluke

  • GMC

  • Kewtech

  • Martindale

  • Megger

  • Metrel

  • Metro

  • Metrohm

  • Metrotest

  • Parkerbell

  • Promark

  • Robin

  • Uni-T

  • Seaward


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