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This is a Semi Gloss (Reference) Standard (also known as a tile or plate) which is compatible with all gloss meters.

GT-SG160 is a Semi-Gloss Standard at 60°. Manufactured from float glass, this standard is provided with an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited certificate reporting the calibration values at 20°, 60° and 85°.


The typical values for a Semi-Gloss standard at 60° are as follows:

20° = ?

60° = 48GU

85° = ?


When the Standard is manufactured they are made to conform to the value that defines a Semi-Gloss standard at 60°, which in this case is generally around 45-50GU. The values of the other 2 angles can not be influenced, however will still be reported on the calibration certificate.



Price for re-calibration at 1 angle(s) = £240

Price for re-calibration at 2 angle(s) = £265

Price for re-calibration at 3 angle(s) = £290

Gloss Tile, Semi Gloss Standard | AMECaL GT-SG160

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