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Dry Well Temperature / Thermometer Calibrator (AMECaL BX-500)

This unit allows users to check the accuracy of thermometers and sensors on site, without the need for heavy, expensive equipment. It is a high accuracy heat source that is extremely easy to use. Fan cooling allows rapid changes in block temperature on demand. The required temperature may be adjusted in 0.1°C increments across the range of the instrument using the buttons on the front panel.


These units are ideal for use in a variety of industrial and process applications.


"An excellent calibrator for checking thermometer accuracy up to 500°C/932°F"

Infrared Temperature Calibrator | BX-500

  • Temperature Range 50°C to 500°C (122°F to 932°F)
    Accuracy ±0.5°C at 100°C 
    ±1.8°C at 500°C 
    ±0.1°C at 200°C 
    ±0.3°C at 500°C 
    Resolution 0.1°C / 0.1°F
    Heating Time 40 minutes to max
    Cooling Time 45 minutes to 100°C / 122°F
    Aperture Diameter

    4.2mm / 6.8mm / 5mm / 3.5mm


    Target Size             2.25" (57mm)

    Target Emissivity     0.95

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