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This meter provides an accurate reading of the light level (illuminance) in Foot Candles (FC) or LUX over a wide range. Fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light, it is a precision instrument.

"Incorporating the latest technology, this is an accurate and simple-to-use light meter"

Professional Light Meter | AMECaL ST-8808

  • Features:

    • Long life silicon photo diode
    • Measurement rate: 1.5 times per second
    • Over-range indication
    • Widest range 40,000FC / 400,000LUX


    Light0.01lux to 400klux±(5%+10d)

    EMC & LVD; EN: 61326

    Calibration Available:

    To add Calibration to your order, please call AMECaL for pricing on 0191 262 2266 or email

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