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ISO 17025 Voltmeter Calibration

Our laboratory is specialised in calibration of voltmeters. Contact us Today to find out more about our services

Voltmeter Calibration

AMECaL is one of the best precision calibration laboratories with ISO/IEC 17025:2017  accreditation for wide range of services, including voltmeter calibration. Our dedicated team of technicians has over 15 years of experience in working with electrical test instruments. We service, repair and calibrate all types, makes and models of voltmeters.


Voltmeters are test instruments used to measure electrical potential difference between two points in an electrical circuit. There are two categories of these instruments and many different types.

Analog voltmeter moves a scale in relation to the voltage of the circuit. They are not as good as their digital versions and may have an accuracy of a few percent of full scale. Digital voltmeters work in similar way but they converts analog values to digital numeric result and are much more accurate than their general purpose analog versions. Voltmeters are made in wide range of styles ranging from portable instruments built in multimeters, standard test instruments used by electricians, to permanently connected to a larger system (monitoring).


Our laboratory can offer calibration in accordance to the international standard of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (ISO 17025 voltmeter calibration) or to the British National Standard (traceable voltmeter calibration). AMECaL’s state of the art laboratory is equipped with high-precision calibrators that can meet requirements of the most demanding customers.

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