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Preferred Supplier Status Confirms Long-Standing Blue-Chip Relationship for AMECaL

The Field Installation Team of the UK’s largest transmission substation contractor - Siemens Transmission & Distribution - has confirmed AMECaL as its 'Preferred Supplier' for the calibration of all its testing and measuring equipment!

Siemens Transmission and Distribution (STDL) provides the complete design and construction of onshore substations up to 400kV to UK generation, transmission and distribution companies and industrial customers. They also provide services covering all stages of transmission and distribution asset lifecycles including power network studies, operation and maintenance and decommissioning as well as a full range of substation equipment including switchgear, transformers and protection for all network voltages.

Howard Oley, of the Field Installation Team (FIT), Asset Management for Siemens Transmission and Distribution, has only good things to say about the long and mutually beneficial relationship with the team at AMECaL:

“AMECaL are a „Preferred Supplier‟ for the FIT for very good reason: it‟s not only because of their ISO 17025 Accreditation, or because they can handle such a wide range of instrumentation, though these are obviously vitally important.

“They provide a comprehensive, reliable and professional service: fast, efficient and effective calibration and repair services, but also an immensely useful range of ancillary services to help streamline the FIT‟s operations – across the UK and offshore.”

AMECaL provides a complete Calibration Logistics package – not simply calibrating and/or repairing equipment but instead taking an integrated approach to the management of that equipment. As AMECaL‟s Technical Director Steve Oxborough explains:

“As with all our customers, large and small, we provide a high quality and fully traceable calibration and repair service, both in our multi-laboratory facility and on-site - but for our larger clients, like Siemens, we go well beyond this. It‟s about making things quicker, easier and more straightforward for the customer – constantly looking to see where we can help, advise or provide assistance and make their lives easier. Really getting involved with our client‟s business and how they manage the supply, maintenance and distribution of their equipment.”

Sales & Marketing Manager at AMECaL, David Heppell, gives some more detail: “This can be as straightforward as collecting the equipment from the client, calibrating or repairing it and sending it directly to the site which needs it next. In this way, we take some of the logistical burden from them – even to the point of storing some of their equipment at our facility if this makes sense. If engineers come to us needing parts or spares or new and specialised equipment (often at very short notice), we can also provide this direct to their site – getting them what they need, when they need it. If engineers don‟t know how to best use their new equipment, we can also train them so that they‟re up to speed straight away, saving time and helping minimise mistakes and inaccuracies (and easing safety concerns too). Above all else, the greatest advantage we offer clients like Siemens is the wealth of technical experience we have here at AMECaL – and this is always available to them – from a quick bit of advice over the phone to detailed technical consultancy.”

For further details, contact David Heppell at AMECaL on 0191 262 2266; Fax on 0191 262 6622 or email

More about AMECaL: Proud of being one of the few privately owned independent laboratories in the North East, AMECaL‟s multi-laboratory operation is viewed as a premier facility. The company provides one of the UK‟s most competitive portfolios of calibration and repair services, supporting a wide range of industries both locally and nationally in all fields of calibration and on a vast array of measuring equipment. State of the art calibration services are carried out either in one of the company‟s environmentally controlled laboratories, or on clients‟ sites.

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