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New Year, New Laboratory

Technicians at local calibration laboratory AMECaL have been given a late Christmas Present with the opening of a brand new, state-of-the-art, environmentally-controlled workplace. After a six-figure redevelopment of an outlying building on the company’s site in Walker Riverside, Newcastle, Technicians now have some of the best test and measurement facilities in the UK at their fingertips. Steve Oxborough, Technical Director, said, “The development had been planned for some time and it was becoming increasingly necessary to extend our capacity to support the next stage in the business’ development. This superb new laboratory gives us some of the best test and measurement facilities in the country and provides excellent foundations for the next stage of growth.” David Heppell, Sales & Marketing Manager added, “These are truly exceptional facilities and we’re very proud to be able to have them here in the North East. It’s not only a benefit for the Technicians and other staff at the company - ultimately our customers will be the main beneficiaries.” The expansion will provide the capability for an increased workflow alongside an even faster service for customers. Turnaround times for calibration and servicing will be reduced, even for highly specialised and unique equipment, because the company now has the space to have all of its reference standards set-up and ready for use. Calibration of instrumentation, which ensures measuring equipment is accurate, often involves extremely precise and complex measurements and occasionally unique equipment. While straightforward calibrations can sometimes be carried out with basic facilities, the very best calibration companies have state-of-the-art laboratories which can cater for a range of equipment, disciplines and levels of precision. This new facility gives AMECaL the space to fully utilise all of the specialised equipment and Technical expertise in the company. The business has been growing rapidly over the last few years and is forecast to exceed all expectations this financial year. Despite gloomy economic indicators elsewhere in the economy, the area of calibration and test and measurement equipment (the company has its own range of handheld test equipment), remain buoyant and the company is confidently predicting that turnover will double in the next 18 months. The development of this new laboratory also makes possible the refurbishment of the previous laboratory – which is now set to add a dedicated High Voltage capability (over 400kV) for the Energy Sector to the list of specialities the company offers. Once this additional work is completed, the company will have more than doubled its laboratory space inside 12 months. For further details, contact David Heppell at AMECaL on 0191 262 2266; Fax on 0191 262 6622 or email More about AMECaL: Proud of being one of the few privately owned independent laboratories in the North East, AMECaL’s multi-laboratory operation is viewed as a premier facility. The company provides one of the UK’s most competitive portfolios of calibration and repair services, supporting a wide range of industries both locally and nationally in all fields of calibration and on a vast array of measuring equipment. State of the art calibration services are carried out either in one of the company’s environmentally controlled laboratories, or on clients’ sites.

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