Self Service Check-Out – Calibration of PAT Testers moves ‘in-house’

Test and measurement equipment needs to be accurate – and you need to be able to prove that it’s accurate. For most equipment this means handing it over to a Calibration Company to compare it to their reference standards. This has also been the case for Portable Appliance Testers, until now… A new product from Calibration Specialist AMECaL is set to make the checking of PAT Testers – by the user – easy, fast and cheap. What would you say if I told you that you would never again need to pay to send your PAT Tester away (or hand it over) to a Calibration Company for an annual calibration? I thought so… Unlike most electrical test equipment, PAT Testers are not highly accurate – indeed, they don‟t carry out a high accuracy test. So why should they be treated in the same way as much more precise equipment? The short answer is that they don‟t need to be treated in the same way. Now AMECaL‟s Calibration PAT Plugs give users a cost-effective and easy-to-use means of calibrating the essential parameters of all PAT Testers – Old and New – to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9002: 2004. Best of all, they can do it themselves, as and when they wish. The accuracy of Portable Appliance Testers should be verified and recorded annually (or in accordance with the manufacturer‟s instructions). These handy PAT Plugs will enable users to carry out this annual verification and recording of accuracy themselves – saving them the inconvenience and cost of having their PAT equipment calibrated externally. Twenty times more accurate than the average PAT Tester, the plugs will never need to be calibrated themselves and mean users will be able to calibrate their own PAT Testers in three easy steps: All the user has to do is use the three plugs in turn on their Tester, run the tests and input the readings into a certificate. AMECaL also helpfully provides a template certificate – downloadable from their website – or users can use their own, or simply note the figures in a log book or spreadsheet. The plugs are small and light and can easily be kept with the PAT Tester, or in a toolbox, ready to carry out the calibration at any time. It‟s so quick and easy, it can even be done before every job. Users can even show their clients how accurate their Tester is while in front of them, on site. AMECaL developed the Test Plugs as part of a commonsense approach to calibration, increasingly relevant in these tough economic times. ”We‟re a ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory, so we‟re not relaxed about accuracy,” comments Technical Director, Steve Oxborough, “but there needs to be a sensible approach to some areas, like PAT Testing, where the Calibration procedure is simple and the accuracy involved is not