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Taken On Board - The First of Many Quality Products

A new range of high quality, professional instrumentation is set to shake up the market for test and measurement equipment in the UK. With a proud history in the calibration and repair of instrumentation, AMECaL has the perfect technical pedigree to produce a range of rival-beating electrical and environmental products. Its customers agree. Nexus, which operates the Shields Ferry on the River Tyne, was the first company in line to take delivery of the new instruments. Supervisor at the Ferry, Ray Douds, explained: “We’re delighted to be the first company to take advantage of AMECaL’s new range of products. We’ve been using their calibration and repair service for several years now and it’s been excellent for us to have such a skilled and flexible company virtually on our doorstep.” The move into equipment supply has been several years in the planning and has been based on the experience and knowledge gained from serving thousands of customers in the UK and overseas. After building up a profile of the multitude of problems associated with the massive and confusing range of products available, the company made the decision to produce its own concise and professional range of equipment. Stephen Oxborough, Technical Director, explains: “On one side of the market are hundreds of cheap imported models – generally of very low quality and selling at rock bottom prices – and on the other side are meters selling for much higher prices, which are often of better quality, but not very high quality. Even some of the big brand names don’t guarantee the quality of the product – customers can be paying a premium simply for the brand name.” So the team at AMECaL decided to take matters into their own hands and develop their own range of quality equipment for electrical and environmental testing - based on their wealth of expertise in the field – at a value-for-money price, to be supported by their own laboratory/workshop and a technical helpline where customers can speak directly to a technician for help. Another company on Tyneside, Siemens Transmission and Distribution, which commissions substations across the UK, has added several of the instruments in the new range to the standard kit of equipment they provide to some of their engineers. Howard Oley, of the Field Installation Team (FIT), Asset Management for Siemens Transmission and Distribution, is very happy with the company’s longstanding relationship with AMECaL: “They provide a comprehensive, reliable and professional service: fast, efficient and effective calibration and repair services, but also an immensely useful range of ancillary products and services – their own equipment now included - to help streamline the FIT’s operations – across the UK and offshore.” Ray Douds of Nexus accepting delivery of the first AMECaL product from David Heppell “We approach the market differently to other manufacturers,” adds David Heppell, Sales & Marketing Manager, “We’re not in the business of simply selling instruments – we’re primarily a service-focussed company – we want to be sure, every step of the way, that we can provide the level of quality and support our customers deserve. Their feedback has been crucial throughout the process of developing the product range. At AMECaL we take the quality of our products and services very seriously - the new product range is no exception.” For further details, contact David Heppell at AMECaL on 0191 262 2266; Fax on 0191 262 6622 or email More about AMECaL: Proud of being one of the few privately owned independent laboratories in the North East, AMECaL’s multi-laboratory operation is viewed as a premier facility. The company provides one of the UK’s most competitive portfolios of calibration and repair services, supporting a wide range of industries both locally and nationally in all fields of calibration and on a vast array of measuring equipment. State of the art calibration services are carried out either in one of the company’s environmentally controlled laboratories, or on clients’ sites. AMECaL’s exciting range of quality, professional, testing and measurement equipment has recently been launched in the UK - details of the electrical and environmental equipment in the range are available at From there catalogues and pricelists can be downloaded or requested. There is also an online shop -

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