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Best Practice - Going Beyond Standard Calibration…

It is with great pleasure that Best Practice dedicates the highly impressive and industry renowned „Commitment to Excellence‟ profile to AMECaL. This is due to their hard work and enthusiasm in delivering a range of unique calibration facilities coupled with an outstanding customer orientated service. AMECaL was established in 1998 and since then have become one of the UK‟s leading calibration service companies. They offer a truly unique and world-leading range of calibration services, which includes testing and measurement equipment used throughout today‟s industry. Over the years they have become a leading authority in many techniques of calibration and have a wealth of knowledge that earmarks them as a centre of excellence in the industry. They are fully committed to improving current procedures and pioneering work in specialised areas such as Gloss Measurement. AMECaL‟s years of technical expertise and skill, coupled with ongoing training allows them to provide a variety of high level services to every task. David Heppell said, “We are constantly striving to supply a calibration service of the highest quality, accuracy and precision, beating our competitors in the process.” After several years of planning, Newcastle based AMECaL is set to shake the industry with a new range of professional quality instrumentation. These products have recently been on a trial period with the official launch set for 2012. David said, “We decided the time was right to produce a range of electrical and environmental test and measurement equipment after surveying our customers and building up a profile of the problems associated with currently available products.” “We have always sourced equipment for our customers, extending the service to create and supply a complete range was a natural progression.” AMECaL have also been working hard to extend their ISO 17025 accreditation in order to include temperature, humidity, mass, pressure and dimensional calibration. David added, “they have made several visits to our labs to carry out the rigorous and extensive audit process. We have been accredited for a number of years for our electrical and optical work and we are constantly striving to extend our range.” Their ethos is simple, „to go beyond the standard‟ in terms of quality and precision of all products and services including: free minor adjustments and small repairs, a turnaround of three days and free quotes for large repairs, even in such troubling economic times. The company will also be running a variety of special offers and competitions throughout 2012, linked with exhibitions they‟re attending and would like to encourage potential clients to come along and visit their stand. ELEX 2012 dates include Harrogate 8/9th March, Exeter 26/27th April, Manchester 21/22nd June, Coventry 20/21st September and Sandown Park 8/9th November. For more information please call 0191 262 2266 or simply visit

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